The Worst Of … Food Photos that say “No Thanks!”

Looking back through my library of food photos, I had to laugh at some of my shots that I will charitably classify as “didn’t turn out at expected”.  Some could have been prevented by taking a good look at the subject while wearing reading glasses, since at my age everything is basically blurry if it’s within two feet of me.  Others were futile attempts to do the near-impossible, or side-tracked by an alcohol-fueled imagination….and then there are some I have no good explanation for.  Let’s take a look at the “Worst Of” – I hope you have a good chuckle or two!

This unfortunate photo of a chicken thigh looks more like a decapitated turtle.  That is goat cheese peeking out from under the skin, but I’m not sure what all that other stuff is!  This shot makes me want to swear off eating chicken!

This is just a horrible photo in all aspects. The ribs not only appear to be burnt, but they may have been photographed in the setting of a nuclear blast. I think margaritas were involved.

While this chili was quite delicious, it is a glob of brown food and brown food just doesn’t look good sitting in a bowl by itself.

Oh my.  The less said the better, about this photo of stuffed pork tenderloin…

Yikes, I actually used this photo of bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin on the post for Savory Apples!  Does this not look like some sort of strange green-eyed creature – maybe a sandworm from Dune?  I should vow to never photograph pork tenderloin again!

Why would I think anyone would want to see a photo of raw chicken in a dish?  It seems to have a snail-like appendage.  Yuck!

I so wanted to have a photograph of this surprisingly tasty Cornish hen wrapped in bacon, with balsamic-apricot glaze.  The hen was really good, despite the appearance of being caught in the path of a flame-thrower.

And finally…the Primal Burger, our post with the largest number of views to date (currently over 1600 views in the last 48 hours.)  What photo did I take of the final product?  This?  What the heck was I thinking?  The focus is spot-on, the background is a gorgeous blur of color…and there’s a strip of bacon hanging there like a tail out from under a sombrero of mushrooms.  Ack.  Margaritas are the culprit here as well!

There you have it…Food Photos that say “No Thanks!”


12 thoughts on “The Worst Of … Food Photos that say “No Thanks!”

    1. We did eat it all, and it was good even though the photos were not! Thanks, Tim!

  1. This is absolutely hysterical. I too ended up here by way of the Primal Burger and am now enjoying browsing around your site. Bravo! Your other photos are gorgeous, but way to laugh at yourself with these funny ones.

    1. Hey, thanks! It was so fun to do. What else can I do with those horrible photos… 🙂

  2. Hi. Just stumbled onto this site and thought that this post was great. I have to say that I didn’t expect them to be quite as funny as they were. Congratulations – they are truly bad! Reminds me of this site, which you may already be familiar with: Especially the ribs!

    Looking forward to reading more of your stuff. BTW – we also live in Atlanta, do low carb, love to cook, and have a red tagine. Go figure

    1. OMG, I was not aware of that site and it is incredible!!! I shall have to link it on facebook – thanks so much! Sounds like there’s some “like minds” at work here…very cool! Email me your whereabouts…maybe we should collaborate on some tagine recipes…

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