Primal Burgers…buns need not apply

A mid-week cookout, just because!


First, the burger meat!  Some people might gasp in horror at this, but others will nod knowingly in approval – but I have ADDED FAT to the grass-fed ground beef because it was 90% lean.  Not just any old fat, mind you, but 100% pure beef lard from grass-fed cattle (available at US Wellness Meats).  Yes, I said lard!  Grilling meat that is too lean, in my opinion, leads to dry and tasteless burgers.  In addition to that, the fat of grassfed animals is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and many other nutrients.  So why cut them out?  I chopped up a few tablespoons of lard and worked it into 2 pounds of ground meat with my hands.  Then I formed loose, roundish patties for the grill.  Since we aren’t having buns with the burgers, there’s no need to make them flat-burger shaped.

Along with the burgers, there are sliced portabella mushrooms, sprayed with olive oil.

Next the fixin’s are set out: raw Amish cheddar cheese from grass-fed cows (see a theme?), uncured, dry-pepper rubbed bacon, and special sauce (ketchup, balsamic vinegar, Montreal steak seasoning, Worcestershire sauce,  dash of allspice and I don’t remember what else).

The Big Green Egg is fired up to around 425F  – on with the cooking!

As you can see – we had a treat of fresh corn on the cob.  Not on our primal diet, but we’re allowed to stray here and there for good things like this!

No, we don’t have a food stylist…why do you ask?


What goes good with an old favorite like burgers? More old favorites!

Found a copy of “Chronic Town” on vinyl the other day, and spinning it reminded me of how amazing R.E.M. was at the start. Hard to believe its been so long, but to my ears they never really sounded better than here. Unfortunately this initial EP isn’t on CD, but its a part of Dead Letter Office. So crank it up and revisit 1981!

Quite possibly tied as my favorite David Bowie album, Hunky Dory has it all. A foreshadowing of “Ziggy” with “Life on Mars”, the stomp of “Queen Bitch” and of course his first hit, “Changes”. A remarkable performer and a brilliant album. “Oh, You Pretty Things!” indeed…


9 thoughts on “Primal Burgers…buns need not apply

  1. Wow!! Those look great! Did you grill the mushrooms too, or roast in the oven?

    1. Grilled the mushrooms on one of those perforated grill plates, so they wouldn’t fall through. They were yummy!

      Thanks, Myra!

    1. I think if you look at the broader group of people defining as “paleo”, you will find many that incorporate healthy dairy products in their diet, in moderation. If you don’t personally digest dairy products well, then by all means, leave out the cheese. However this raw, organic cheese from grass-fed cows happens to be a good source of omega-3s and other nutrients. It’s an individual choice, not a mandate.

    1. Sorry! I used 2 pounds of 90-10 ground beef and approximately 2-3 loose tablespoons of chopped lard (loose, as I didn’t pack it in the tablespoon). I don’t know what the final fat ratio of that would be…. Hope that helps!

      Thanks for the comment!

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