Thanksgiving Round-up

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday.  For a cook, there is nothing quite so satisfying as planning, cooking, and serving up a feast to your family or friends. One giant meal for the day, with lots of nibbling and snacking in between.  I look forward to that first stolen bite of turkey, the privilege of which goes to the one who carves the beast.  Bits of dressing always seem to be breaking off and need to be “cleaned up” as well.

Since “She Cooks, He Cleans – The Blog” wasn’t around last Thanksgiving, there are no archived recipes for stuffing, bread pudding, or pie for me to trot out.  However I did round up a few recipes that could fit in to your Thanksgiving feast.

Ham with Candied Orange Glaze

Turkey not your thing?  This Ham with Candied Orange Glaze is perfect for Thanksgiving, and makes a beautiful presentation.  Don’t those sweet bits of orange look good?


Mashed Cauliflower with Onions and Parmesan Cheese

Mashed Cauliflower with Onions and Parmesan Cheese will change things up from the old standard of mashed potatoes.  This version using roasted cauliflower with caramelized onions will be a nice complement to rich turkey gravy.


Bacon Bourbon Jam

Don’t tell me that Bacon Bourbon Jam has no place on the holiday table.  Don’t….


Broccoli Apple Salad

How about lightening up the table from all those heavy side dishes with this refreshing Broccoli Apple Salad?  This salad is sure to be a hit with its bright colors and crisp texture.


Pecan-Stuffed Dates

Having a small gathering, and you don’t want to be tempted with an entire pecan pie?  Try these delicious Pecan-Stuffed Dates for a sweet mini-dessert.  Just think, now you’ll have room for some of that pumpkin cheesecake!


Looking forward to adding more recipes this holiday season!  Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Turkey week marks the release of Some Girls: Deluxe Edition, the last truly great record by the Rolling Stones. From “Beast of Burden” to “Shattered”, I must own 3 or 4 copies of this, but this reissue, with a second disc featuring 12 songs left off the original, is a must have. Gonna be great listening to this while we have a food hangover from all these treats!


8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Round-up

  1. Wow, that bacon jam sounds outstanding. Must give it a try. Have been getting rave reviews on your delicata fries. Have a great T-day!

    1. That bacon jam is seriously good, and I haven’t had any in a while! We’ll be smoking our turkey on the BGE this year, and doesn’t bacon jam sound perfect for leftover turkey too? Another good use for your cottage bacon! Hope you and your dear wife have a great holiday too!

  2. Love this post. Utterly food-porn-tastic photos, and what fab recipes. I too am most intrigued by the bacon bourbon jam…

    1. I bought an extra package of bacon today, because bacon bourbon jam did seem like an awesome addition. It is probably good on everything….hmmm….sweet potatoes. Thanks for the comments!

  3. Okay, so it’s not The Frog this Thanksgiving. But James is still with us, you have each other, and we have you, and that makes this an excellent Thanksgiving holiday.

  4. Yoshi, I am honored by your comment! I hope you and Susan can drop by when you get back in town. I’m sure we’ll have enough for 2, or 3, Thanksgiving meals! What is Thanksgiving without your friends? Have a safe trip!

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